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Game created to learn more about game design, gameplay programming, and asset creation.
The [master branch](https://code.austinmorlan.com/austin/untitled-game/src/branch/master) contains
the code as it was on May 15th with highly game-specific code for the gameplay.
The [engine-work branch](https://code.austinmorlan.com/austin/untitled-game/src/branch/engine-work)
contains many engine and Blender export changes in anticipation of making things more generic and
usable in future projects.
Here are some blog posts about it:
* [Pre-Production](https://austinmorlan.com/posts/untitled_game_devlog_0/)
* [Four Week Update](https://austinmorlan.com/posts/untitled_game_devlog_1/)
* [Eight Week Update](https://austinmorlan.com/posts/untitled_game_devlog_2/)