Creating a game for the ESP32-based ODROID-GO.
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Embedded Game Programming

  • Get the ESP-IDF v4.0
  • Comment out line 303 of esp-idf/components/driver/sdspi_host.c to enable the shared SPI bus
// Initialize SPI bus
esp_err_t ret = spi_bus_initialize((spi_host_device_t)slot, &buscfg,
if (ret != ESP_OK) {
    ESP_LOGD(TAG, "spi_bus_initialize failed with rc=0x%x", ret);
    //return ret;
  • Modify the script in the game directory and fill out IDF_PATH and IDF_TOOLS_PATH
    • IDF_PATH is the extracted ESP-IDF
    • IDF_TOOLS_PATH is the path to the toolchain
  • source

Current Status